From boarding and flea dips to facials and nail trimming, Pampered Pooches is your one stop shop for taking care of your fur baby!

Boarding & Day Care

Need to go out of town but can’t bring your pet(s)? We have you covered! Pampered Pooches offers cage free boarding and day care all year long, including holidays! At bed time a 9pm potty break, & tuck in service with a kiss goodnight. Relaxing music & night light all night long. Sunday pickup/drop off 9am only $10 extra. A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required for your pooch’s reservation, with the deposit increasing to $50 for holidays.

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At Pampered Pooches, we offer a number of grooming options to keep your pet happy and healthy!

  • Flea Dips – $6-$10
  • Mud Baths – $6-$10
  • Facials, Teeth Brushing, Nail file – $3
  • Nail Trimming – $8-$10